Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sheep Lawn Mowers - the Sustainable Alternative

Eddie Miller and two of his Jacob sheep.
It's a win-win situation!  When many Americans have lawns to care for and the economy is bad, entrepreneurs will inevitably step up to find mutually beneficial ways to fill the demand.  In Ohio, 23 year old Eddie Miller has discovered that mowing a lawn can not only earn him money but can also feed his two sheep for free.  As a result, he can raise his sheep without spending hundreds of dollars a month on feed, and the residents who pay for his service don't have to deal with loud emission-spewing machines.  (There are emissions, of course, but rather than polluting the air, they make for great fertilizer.)  He simply brings his sheep to graze for anywhere from three hours to several days.  The sheep get healthy free food, Eddie gets revenue either monetarily or through barter, and the community gets a healthy dose of a more country lifestyle.  For people entering the working community during this tumultuous economic period, innovation is often the key to success.  Standard routes to revenue have proven stagnant over the past few years, so the answer may be to think outside of the box a bit and consider returning to methods of living often associated with the past.  Adopting a more natural lifestyle eliminates a lot of waste that technology so often produces, making profits go farther and keeping the investment local.  It's a sustainable alternative that could not only boost what goes into your pocket at the end of the day, but will also promote your well-being.

To read more about Eddie's story among others, check out the New York Times' article.

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