Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nature's Medicine

The winter nose drip getting you down?  
Has persistent coughing or a sore throat been making you agitated? 

Leigh White is to the rescue, presenting her workshop Kitchen as Medicine Cabinet: Using Food for Acute Illnesses at the 32nd Annual Winter Conference on March 1st. Acknowledging the incredibly innate healing power of nature and how individuals can help restore their bodies to a state of homeostasis through this power is White's speciality. There are an influx of herbs, roots and flowers growing in our very own backyards that can make us feel balance within our bodies again! If you are interested in learning how to utilize those seemingly mundane ingredients in your kitchen for medicinal value, this workshop is for you!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bee Conscious On Your Farm and In Your Garden!

Species are becoming endangered at un-paralled rates and bees are at the forefront of this crisis, as their declination are posing threats to global food supply.  Bees may seem like enemies at first glance (or first touch with their sting) BUT bees are extremely pertinent pollinators that essentially enable plants (our food) to blossom and grow!  Approaching bee endangerment from a more science based manner, Kelly Gill's workshop, at the Winter Conference on March 1st, on Creating Pollinator-Friendly Farms and Gardens focuses on the dangers along with the varying avenues humanity must take to aid in the bee revival. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The End of Nature: Climate Change, Organic Agriculture and Local Food by Bill Duesing

From CT NOFAs Organic Advoacate

The End of Nature: Climate Change, Organic Agriculture and Local Food

By Bill Duesing

Over seven billion of us live on the only habitable real estate in the known universe. The living things that have evolved on this planet over billions of years provide our life support systems.

The Earth's ecosystems produce clean air, clean water, fertile soil and most importantly, a stable climate.