Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Agriculture, the Green Economy, Climate Change, and Your Backyard.

Supporting small farmers in developing countries, rural areas and urban areas is the kind of global stimulus package we need.
This video from Farming First, a national coalition of sustainable agriculture organizations might seem overly simplistic, but watch it all the way through, the statistics about farming inefficiency and agricultural green house gases are issues that the global agricultural sector need to address.
 As pesticides, fertilizers, GMOS, and more industrial farming equipment is promoted to address the gap in the food supply, ideas like those put forth in this video need to be considered.  The solutions to agricultural and food supply obstacles are actually pretty simple, they just have to be communicated and implemented on a huge scale.
Please enjoy and share this video, and consider the role that local farms near your home play in solving these crises, and also the role that small independent farms in the developing world play.  When you have the choice between organic or fair trade coffee, chocolate, bananas, and other tropical products, consider that the extra cost is an investment in the farming techniques discussed in this video!
Also remember that if you had a yard, you can become a smale scale, sustainable agricultural producer.  Here's the guide to being a climate friendly gardener: start closing the food supply gap with yourself!

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  2. I have tried to link up today but it just never worked me for me Nancy! Linky issues. I once got as far as the photo but then it didn't work again. I absolutely love how you connected the Tanimura and Antle story in this post to their history and success as lettuce farmers. Beautiful. Farm Equipment are a must for all.