Thursday, November 4, 2010

Speed Dating...More Like Weed Dating!

        Ever heard of "speed dating"? Think of a bunch of single people crowded in a room trying to find a potential mate. The only rule is that you have a certain amount of time meeting a partner before you have to get up and meet the next person. 
        This may be good in a city where you can potentially draw a large crowd, but what about out in the rural setting? The Vermont Chapter of NOFA recently began what they call "weed dating" - a spin-off of the traditional matching process.
        NOFA-VT hosted an event in late summer where singles came to an organic farm for two purposes: to meet other single people and weed a farm. Everyone is paired up and given the task of weeding one row. Once they are finished, they must move on to a new row with a new partner.
        This is a great idea for many reasons: it gets people outdoors, it helps farms that may need the extra hands, and it hopefully makes some love connections! Great job NOFA-VT!
        Click here to read all about the event!


  1. I never thought about this. Last year I was in England and went on a speed dating London event and there were plenty of people attending. Outside of towns and cities I can see this problem, but this is a really great idea and an engaging one too!

  2. I agreed with Louise. Speed Dating London is a well organized matchmaking process whose main purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people.