Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CT NOFA Member Spotlight: Barbara Schlein

        Barbara Schlein, a current CT NOFA member and former NOFA-Accredited Organic Land Care Professional, was recently highlighted in the Post-Chronicle. Barbara (pictured above) was recognized by the Hamden Land Trust as one of "Hamden's Wild Yards", a project which aims to highlight properties that take into account biodiversity and the local ecosystem by planting non-invasive, native plants.  As the article describes, Barbara thrives on recycling: recycling plants to use as mulch, stones to use as walking steps, and barrels to collect rain water.
        Instead of a "traditional lawn", Barbara has filled her yard with a multitude of plants.  Lawns that are neatly cut are usually treated with harsh chemicals and allow for water to run off the property, which in turn spreads the chemicals to surrounding areas.  Instead, Barbara's property is a "Certified Wildlife Habitat" which is chemical-free.  She uses only natural, certified organic products to treat her lawn.  She even has a fish pond!
        Congratulations Barbara! Thank you for responsibly taking care of your lawn, keeping it free from any pesticides or invasive species that can disrupt the biodiversity of your neighborhood.
        To read the full article in the Post-Chronicle, click on this link.

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