Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ATTRA - Sustainable Agriculture Resources

        Are you involved in, or interested in learning about, sustainable agriculture? Well one place to look is the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, known simply as ATTRA. 
        What is interesting about ATTRA is that it is actually a partnership of a public agency (the USDA's Rural Business-Cooperative Service) and a nonprofit agency (the National Center for Appropriate Technology).  Together, ATTRA provides information and assistance to farmers, gardeners, educators, and anyone else involved in sustainable agriculture.
        On the ATTRA site, you will find a multitude of resources on topics like horticultural and field crops, soils and compost, local food systems, farm start-up, energy alternatives, water and pest management, organic farming, livestock, marketing, business and risk management, and many more!
        You can also find a ton of databases, including farming internships and apprenticeships, organic livestock feed suppliers, local food directories, sources of organic fertilizers and amendments, a directory of organic seed suppliers, just to name a few.  They even have a listing of current funding opportunities!
        Finally, they offer a host of multimedia including video and audio presentations, a calendar of events, and an archive of the  Sustainable Agriculture Spotlight - a weekly Internet radio show.
        You can find the ATTRA website here - http://attra.ncat.org/. Check it out!

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