Friday, June 8, 2012

Hunger, Agriculture and Climate Change

Rio +20, a meeting of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development is June 20-22, 2012.  The original Rio Summit, in 1992 was the largest environmental summit ever held, and the topics of sustainable development and climate change were discussed seriously for the first time on a global level, and activities to address the monumental global challenges were discussed and agreed upon. You have maybe seen this video of Severn Suzuki speaking at the Rio Summit, about the diplomats' responsibility to future generations that have no voice in international politics.  She is now old enough to be having her own children and there has been almost no progress. 

Now the debate is shifting to feeding a growing population on less land in extreme and unpredictable weather.  This video made by Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) explains the limits to food production and how to address the issues of climate change, hunger, population growth and environmental limits at the same time. I promise the video isn't as somber as the post.  Check it out!

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