Monday, May 14, 2012

The Last Beginning Women Farmer Session

Twelve women who enrolled in Connecticut’s Beginning Women Farmer program graduated from the training program at their final class at the Community Farm of Simsbury on May 12. The Connecticut Beginning Women Farmer Program is administered by Holistic Management International in partnership with the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut (CT NOFA). 

Sherry Simpson (co-coordinator) handed out framed "Holistic Goals"
The Community Farm of Simsbury hosted the last BWF Session.
Friendly livestock helped teach about grazing and pasture management.
More about pasture management!

The students have attended classes from October 2011 through May 2012 to learn about whole farm planning based on the Holistic Whole Farm Planning process.  This approach to farming challenges farmers to develop a deep understanding of how nature functions and how to manage agricultural and natural resources to capitalize on these functions with the least negative impact on the land and environment around it. Holistic management also instructs farmers to consider every aspect of their farming operation including themselves (their own health, economic needs, hopes), their community, life on the farm, and the greater environment.

The graduates are: 
Allyson Angelini, Full Heart Farm, Mystic (Read more about Allyson's farm here)

Pamela Dunn - Goode Field Farms, Litchfield, CT. and Just signed to host a cooking segment on a local access show and will also be featuring her herb & spice mixes in the bulk section at the new New Morning Store.

Christine Wendel Farrugia- Sterling, CT.

Renee Giroux - Gillbertie's Herbs in Easton and lives in Washington Depot.  

Darcy Hutzenlaub - Farms at the Food Pantry Farm in Southampton, NY. 

Jolie Milstein - Rhinecliff, NY. Works in NYC at various food security and access activist programs.

Cheryl Placido - Teacher at Waterford Country Day School, Waterford, CT.

Sharon Roy - Raising Grace Farm, Canterbury, CT.

Rachael Silva - Manchester, CT

Courtney Swift - Coventry, CT

Martha Sylvestre - Canterbury, CT. Teacher, certified chef, part-time farmer raising pigs & various poultry.

Cindy White - Bethel, CT. Brand-new; gardener transitioning to farming.

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