Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CT NOFA's Permaculture Workshop

Let's talk permaculture.  CT NOFA hosted a Permaculture Workshop on September 19, at the Center for Sustainable Living in Bethlehem, CT.  Our workshop leaders, Cynthia and Stuart Rabinowitz, explained the principles of permaculture to a full classroom, and then gave us tours of their beautiful (and ecological of course) grounds.
Cynthia and Stewart each took half the group around their grounds for a tour.  Cynthia battled off the mosquitoes with a horse tail swatter

Stewart and Cynthia's yard is a certified Wildlife Habitat meaning that their yard satisfies certain qualifications and serves as a home for animals.

 Fruit trees, tomatoes and a variety of other plants demonstrate the value of polyculture their greenhouse and to-be edible forest garden area.

 One of five green houses on the property  - this one is attached to a to-be chicken coop (it's under construction) so chickens can benefit form the warmth of the green house all winter.  The raised beds are at waste height so they will not have to kneel and bend over as much for their crops in these greenhouses.

 The Center for Sustainable Living has taken advantage of the Connecticut Solar Lease Program and the same sun that grows their plants provides energy for the Connecticut power grid!

 Permaculture sometimes means getting creative and also using logic, these fall crops have been insulated with hay bales and will be covered with plastic to create a mini-greenhouse as it gets colder.

Stewart shows workshop attendees his blueberry bushes, which ripen at all different times through the summer so they can continue eating them through the season!

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