Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Organic Land Care Guides for Homeowners are Available

We picked up all the new homeowners’ manuals yesterday! “Introduction to Organic Lawns and Yards” is a booklet that focuses on introducing homeowners to the concepts of ecological, sustainable and organic landscaping. The booklet will help you to understand and begin implementing organic methods right away. Basic methods are described that will help you maintain your property with less effort, less money and less of a negative impact on the environment around you.  The booklet also provides references to other resources that can help you care for your lawn and yard without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  The guide includes a checklist which lays out basic changes you can make in your yard. Some simple solutions recommended by the guide include:

-         Choose natives and species adapted to your property and climate  which will require less water
-          Mix compost into the soil to improve quality and water retention
-          Water rarely, and only in the morning to reduce evaporation
-          Mow high 3” – 4”
-          Leave your grass clippings on your lawn
-          Seed with a mixture of grasses including some natives

If you have more questions, the guide and our website can direct you to Accredited Organic Land Care professionals who can help with soil testing and any large scale alterations you might want to make in your yard.

The guides are $5 each with a bulk rate (if you order 10 or more) of $3 each plus shipping charges which vary based on the quantity of guides ordered.
This manual is a great first step in the direction of going organic in your yard!
For more information head on over to www.organiclandcare.net to see the pdf and description and to purchase the guide check out http://www.organiclandcare.net/store/publications

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