Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bulk Grain Order - Due December 31

For those in the New Haven area...
      The FOOD ACTION GROUP is now taking bulk grain orders. They are offering 5 organic choices, each sold in 12.5 lb units (from Natural Way Mills). You have until December 31 to place your order!
* HARD RED SPRING WHEAT BERRIES ($1.10/lb shipped) = $13.75/12.5
  * Can be used as a whole grain (Wheat Berry Salad), ground into
flour, or sprouted.Check out: What to do with Wheatberries!
  * Stores very well - much longer than berries already ground into

* 100% WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR ($1.17/lb shipped) = $14.75/12.5 lbs
  * Can be used in baking of all types: breads, pancakes, cookies,
muffins, etc.  Check out: Whole Wheat Flour Recipes[7]
  * Does not store as well as Whole Wheatberries, but doesn't require
a grinder to use.
* WHOLE YELLOW CORN ($1.06/lb shipped)  = $13.25/12.5 lbs
  * Can be ground into cornmeal to be used in a variety of recipes.
  * Can also be nixtamalized[8] (releases the niacin in the corn),
and used as hominy in soups, stews, breads and puddings.
* ROLLED OATS ($1.35/lb shipped) = $17.00/12.5 lbs
  * Can be used for oatmeal, in savory grain dishes, and is a great
addition to breads.  One more word on oats.... Granola!!
  * Can be eaten raw (after soaking) - which makes this an ideal
emergency food.
* 7 GRAINS BREAKFAST CEREAL ($1.42/lb shipped) = $17.75/12.5 lbs
  * Contains: Wheat, Rye, Barley, Flax, Steel Cut Oats, Corn, and
Millet.  This is a good way to get familiar with new grains.
  *  There are about 10 servings/pound = $0.14/serving.
Order Closes:  December 31, 2010. Five gallon food-grade storage buckets will be available for purchase at the time of the distribution.

Forward this order out to friends and family - the  more the merrier.  If you have any questions regarding the order,  recipes to share with the group, or suppliers for future orders  (especially local suppliers!!), please email tgnh.food@gmail.com.  This is part of the pantry-building project.  Interested in helping?   Ideas, tips, tricks for pantry-living?  Please send them along!

 - Food Action Group

email: tgnh.food@gmail.com[11]
group: http://groups.google.com/group/tgnh-food[12] 

meetings: Each 1st Tuesday; 7pm; UU Society, 608 Whitney Ave, New Haven
web SITES:

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