Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Truck Farm

Here’s a neat idea…create a farm or garden in the back of an old truck!  Truck Farm is a unique film AND a food project: it’s “a mobile community farm, a documentary about urban agriculture, and a public art and education project”. 
Currently, the "original truck" is in NYC, and the idea has spread to Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Seattle, Portland (OR), Denver, New Orleans, Hawaii, California and two in Michigan.

So what exactly is the Truck Farm all about?
            It serves as an inspiration to grow food in unfamiliar places.
            It gets people excited about urban agriculture – traveling to schools engaging youth in farming and healthy eating habits.
            It’s even a CSA!

They are currently running a photo contest – submit your best pictures of the most creative and quirky places that you grow food.  You have until June 1 to submit a photo.  Good luck!

Check out this teaser for the documentary and be sure to visit the official site for the first three episodes -

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