Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fair Food Project

Fair Food: Field to Table is a documentary highlighting current farm labor practices in American agriculture.  Consisting of three parts, the videos explore the current reality of farmworker conditions in America, farmers who are actually providing good farm conditions, and advocates and businesses that are catching on to this movement.  This project was created by the California Institute for Rural Studies.  What’s great about this project is the film is completely free!  Rick Nahmias and the rest of the team want YOU to watch it and share it!  They invite you to “be an educator” and even give you instruction on how to share the film with others.  The site also lists separate resources for students, farmers, farmworkers, and consumers and businesses.  To see these resources and more, please visit

Please watch and share.

Part 1: The Farmworkers

Part 2: The Growers

Part 3: The Advocates

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