Monday, May 9, 2011

Leave It Better

Leave It Better “is a video-based social network where people can share ideas on how to improve their communities and take action to green their neighborhood.”  What exactly do they do?  Using Flip video cameras and social media, Leave It Better highlights communities and individuals that are doing their part to clean up their environment, with everything from growing gardens and picking up trash, to eco-friendly fashion and green living.
They have an excellent community forum with topics on:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Agriculture & Farming
Gardening & Composting
Eco Friendly Fashion & Art
Green Living
Green Business
Green Energy
Green Building
Green Policy
Volunteer Action
Food & Travel

Currently, the Leave It Better team is working on four projects: American Meat, Bee City, ReGeneration, and the Poughkeepsie Farm Project. ReGeneration is a unique documentary that highlights gardens that have been placed in 10 New York City schools.  Cameras have been given to the students to track the progress of the garden and what the students learn throughout the year.   If you want to help fund this project, please visit

On their site, you can view over 100 videos!  Check out this inspiring video of a mother and daughter who travel well out of their way to purchase organic food! 

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