Monday, December 6, 2010

Laurel Ridge Farm - Litchfield, CT

    Laurel Ridge Farm opened for business in 2006. In its short existence, it has seen tremendous success selling quality meats to local consumers. Why so? Well as co-founder John Morosani puts it, "Our cows live exactly as they evolved to live: outdoors, roaming free, eating grass." There are no hormones or antibiotics injected into the meat, leaving only quality cuts of beef, poultry and pork.
    The farm, located in Litchfield, CT, covers over 200 acres; giving plenty of room for the grazing cattle. In addition, the farm does not use herbicides or pesticides, which in turn keeps the cattle healthy.
    Many people think that they can only buy fruits and vegetables at CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture's). Well there's a whole list of items that can also be bought, including meat! Laurel Ridge Farm offers a six-month CSA commitment for its grass fed beef. 
    For more information on the farm, the CSA and much, much more, be sure to check out their website -

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