Thursday, December 30, 2010

Edible Nutmeg

Edible Nutmeg is an important resource for any Connecticut resident.  Part of a nation-wide network of 55 food publications, Edible Nutmeg focuses on celebrating Connecticut foods, releasing a quarterly magazine to mark each season with enlightening and instructive articles on everything you need to know.
They even have an extensive recipe list for each season, including a shallot fig spread, a cranberry pear pie, and a butternut squash sauce with sausages, broccoli and organic penne pasta.  More delicious recipes can be found here.
Edible Nutmeg has been a supporter of CT NOFA for a while now.  We want to personally thank them for listing our events and for promoting Connecticut’s agriculture.  Another really neat feature is that Edible Nutmeg will give a lagniappe to community partners.  A yearly subscription to the magazine costs $28, and when you sign up, Edible Nutmeg will donate $10 to your choice of Lagniappe Community Partners.  And CT NOFA just happens to be on that list with 20 other great organizations!
Well, what are you waiting for? Check out the Edible Nutmeg site  ( and sign up!

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