Monday, December 20, 2010

Closing Out Another Great Year!

      We can't believe that 2010 is almost over! We at CT NOFA want to thank you for your part in making 2010 a successful year in spreading the benefits of local, sustainable, and organic agriculture.  To date, CT NOFA has over 770 members and Gleanings, CT NOFA's free monthly e-newsletter is sent out to over 3,400 subscribers!

      Here are some inspirational comments from members:
    "CT NOFA joyfully inspires people to work together for a sustainable future.. In a deeply trouble world, I can think of no more important work than teaching people how to grow fresh nutritious food in harmony with nature."
    "Saving our planet and feeding our families in our rapidly changing environment requires us to return to the land and to sustain and guide us.  NOFA serves as a beacon that will inspire others."
    "NOFA is wonderful, sane, safe, healthy, local, important, helpful, growing, politically correct, well-run, and vital."
    "As a farmer, I'm grateful for the educational work, the workshops, newsletters, bulk order, conferences. As an environmentalist - for the focus on land stewardship, public education, NOFA presence on important environmental issues. Thank you!"

      Thank you for these kind words! Without your help, we would not be able to spread the message of keeping our food local and organic!
      If you have yet to visit our website, you can do so here -  We have an extensive list of resources for farmers, gardeners, and consumers, along with event listings, community notices, CSA listings, and much, much more! We have a lot planned for 2011 so please keep checking in for updates!

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