Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July Piglets!

Greetings from Pond Hill Farm!

I am a little late in announcing this, but on the 4th of July last week 10 beautiful piglets were born here on the farm to a very happy mother. Every spring the farm receives two pigs to house for the summer and into the fall. The pigs come impreganted and typically the piglets are born late June or early July. We keep the piglets through the end of October until they are sent to be slaughtered (which makes me a little sad after having watched their birth) at a nearby facility. During the winter the mothers are housed at another farm (housing animals for the winter can be costly) until spring returns again and the cycle continues!

It was my first time experiencing a live birth which was quite a sight to see and I couldn't resist sharing this with the CT NOFA audience. Who doesn't love baby animals after all?

They are hungry for some of mama's milk!
All of the interns gathered around to watch. 
Look at the difference in size!
Until next time!


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