Sunday, June 30, 2013

Farmer's Market Season is in Full Swing!

Greetings from Pond Hill Farm in Michigan! Its been awhile, but as promised I am back to update you on farm life and my adventures so far.

It is safe to say that farmer's market season is in full swing and with that I have been able to help run one of the four different farmer's markets that Pond Hill attends. I have been assigned to work at the Petoskey Farmer's Market which designates a block within their downtown district every Friday for the market.

Our stand at the Petoskey Farmer's Market 
Having typically been a customer at farmer's markets and not a weekly vendor this new opportunity has given me insight into the business perspective of running the farm and selling produce. I work with Jimmy, co-owner of Pond Hill Farm at the market and this past Friday he shared some words of wisdom on how to be successful at farmer's markets. Here are some of them:

  • Show em' what you got! Jimmy has noticed that when you display more of your product customers are more likely to be drawn to your table and buy more of whatever it is your are selling. 
  • Give em' a taste of what you got! Who doesn't love samples? It's free food after all! We started selling kohlrabi at farmer's markets and many customers had no idea what it was or what it tasted like. Samples convinced them to buy it and experiment with it themselves.  
  • Know how to use what you've got! Knowing different receipes that utilize a variety of your products will help customers visualize what they can
  • Build your customer base. Take the time to interact with your pays off in the end and doesn't cost you a dime. 

As of last month the Michigan Senate unanimously passed two bills that would allow tastings and sales of wine from small Michigan vintners at farmer's markets. This is great news for Pond Hill Farm since we produce a variety of wines that we normally sell in our tasting room on-site at the farm. This will be a  great addition to the farmer's market since it will not only boost sales but also bring a new customer base to the market as well. 

Time is flying here and I cannot believe it will be July as of tomorrow. July is our busiest month here so there will definitely be more exciting updates to come!



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