Monday, May 16, 2011

CT Agricultural Experiment Station

      Did you know that the CT Agricultural Experiment Station (better known as the Ag Station) is the only entity in the state that: 1) tests our imported food for levels of pesticides, 2) tests for West Nile Virus and all forms of mosquito bourne encephalitis diseases AND 3) is the only inspector and certifier for farmers' produce (and without them, farmers will not be able to export products out of the state)!!
      Sounds pretty important right? Well the State is proposing to shut down the Ag Station.  The mission of the Ag Station is to manage plant health problems using innovative methods to protect the environment and ensure a healhty landscape and a safe food supply. If it closes, it  will have serious ramifications. Please read the following PDF's to read up on the Ag Station and to see some of its accomplishments to date.

We urge you to write to your representatives, the governor and the person who proposed closing down the Ag Station: Ben Barnes -

You can also find more information about the Ag Station at their website -

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