Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get Ready for Seedling Sales!

We are well into May now, and that means Connecticut farms have been growing their seedlings for some time and many of them are ready for sale!  If you want to grow delicious food in and around your home, but don't have the time or space to start seedlings, shopping at a seedling sale might be right up your alley.  Seedling sales are happening throughout the spring, with a concentration this Saturday May 12 and next Saturday May 19, and offer wide varieties of plants started early indoors or in the greenhouse.  Seedlings are often very inexpensive, and with a little water and sun are a great way to save money on your grocery bill this summer and fall.  The food you'll get from a healthy local seedling will be much more delicious than anything you could get shipped from far away and at a fraction of the price. Seedlings also make great gifts for Mothers Day - which is this Sunday May 13 - and if you make an event out of it, going to a seedling sale with Mom and picking out a few plants together is a great way to say "I love you".

Check out our website for a listing of upcoming seedling sales.


Don't see your seedling sale on our webpage?  Let us know and we can add you!

And it doesn't take a lot of space or time to care for your seedlings either.  If you have the space, a small garden can feed you while fitting into a busy schedule, and if you don't have the space, containers and container gardens are a great alternative.  Make sure to choose compact bush seedling varieties for large plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash, and you can easily grow your produce out of containers on your front porch, outside your window, or on a rooftop.  If you have access to a spot outdoors, you can grow a garden!  Here's a couple helpful tips from our office manager, Deb:
Even a five gallon bucket can work.  You'd be amazed at what you can grow out of one of those.  And don't forget that if you have absolutely no access to the outdoors at all you can join a community garden in your area and plant your seedlings there.  Just search your area online to see if there is a community garden available.
Give us a call at 203.888.5146 if you have questions about seedlings and gardening, or ask the farmers and staff at the seedling sales.  There is a wealth of information and expertise available, so that anyone can grow their own fresh food!

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