Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Look out for the NEW 2012-2013 Farm and Food Guide!

Guess what Melissa is so excited about!
Well, she's excited because she has spent countless hours creating the 2012-2013 Farm and Food Guide and it is finally finished, but she's also excited because we have 10,000 copies in the office!  Our guide has grown to 54 pages and lists Connecticut NOFA’s 125 member farms and supporting businesses alphabetically by county.  The Guide also includes listings of farmers markets, community farms and community supported agriculture offerings.
To be listed in the guide, farms must be certified organic or sign CT NOFA’s Farmer’s Pledge agreeing to specific sustainable and ethical farming practices with the general goal of improving the land’s environmental and agricultural quality.  We are happy to welcome twenty-one new farms to our membership for the 2012-2013 Guide! Our supporting businesses sell products of our member farms or offer services for them. 
The guide includes information about food storage, winter food crops, recipes, community farms and gardens, farming and cooking resources and county maps of farm locations!  CT NOFA will be distributing the guide at events where we are tabling, but the guide is available to our partner organizations and businesses around Connecticut for distribution. 
The Guide to Organic Land Care, a publication that lists the NOFA Organic Land Care Professionals and provides articles and tips about organic land care, will be available in a month.  This publication will also be free for distribution by our organizational partners. 
To order guides for distribution, contact the CT NOFA office at 203-888-5146 or e-mail ctnofa@ctnofa.org.  You can also preview a pdf of the guide on our website: http://ctnofa.org/documents/ff_guide2012_web.pdf

Here's to Connecticut's farms and food!

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