Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guest Blogger: Heather Pierce

        Quick! What comes to mind when you hear “Autumn” or “Fall”. How about apple picking? This timeless tradition is a fun way to get your family outdoors before the winter freeze has you cozying up to a warm fire. You not only get a good exercise, but you also get some tasty (and healthy!) food when you’re done. Here's a guest post from Heather Pierce, Nutrition & Wellness Coach, on how beneficial apples are right now.
 “So New Englanders, I’m sure you’ve noticed that apples grow like crazy at the end of the summer and early fall.  Do you know why there are so many of them?  Because we’re meant to eat them!  We all have heard the benefits of eating locally:  your food is fresher, it helps the environment, you support local farmers and the local economy, etc.  But it’s also really great for your health.  Apples are the perfect example…
All summer, our bodies accumulate heat.  If we don’t do anything about it, that accumulated heat will dry out and cause digestive distress and excess mucus in the winter. Mmmm!
At the end of the summer, nature gives us a whole bunch of apples.  Apples draw out excess heat from the body and help cleanse our intestines of built-up impurities to prepare us for the long, dry winter.  Thank you, nature!
So for this entire month, do yourself a favor and, yes that’s right, have an apple a day. Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite kind of apple and how you plan to enjoy them this fall and winter!  I personally love using my little apple slicer and spreading a wee bit of almond butter or honey on them.
For more health benefits of apples and suggested ways to enjoy them, check out last September’s blog post.”

Heather Pierce is a Nutrition and Wellness coach who teaches busy people how to live a balanced life and how important local, organic foods are to our bodies and minds.  In addition to her coaching services she writes a blog and newsletter with free time-saving health tips and recipes.  You can check out her blog or sign up for her newsletter here:

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