Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adapting In Place - October 22-23

The Greater New Haven Bioregional/Transition Group presents “Adapting In Place” – a two-day conference on how to live well by connecting in new ways with the land and our neighbors, building adaptive skills and knowledge.

On Friday, October 22nd, special keynote speaker Sharon Astyk will cover issues ranging from agriculture and energy policy, to food preservation and cooking, to religious life and democracy at the Historic Center Church on the Green. You can read more on her website - http://sharonastyk.com/

On Saturday, October 23rd, there will be a Conference and Town Meeting at Common Ground High School.  There will be workshop presentations from Common Ground High School, West River Neighborhood Services Corporation, Urban Miners, Share Haven, the New Haven Bioregional Group, and CT NOFA’s Bill Duesing!

This is going to be a very unique time for some open dialogue among various local community organizations.  We hope that you will be able to attend this important and informative conference because of the implications it has on community building through a diverse, yet unified, approach. For more information, you can contact: mariatupper@gmail.com. For information on times, addresses, and suggested donations, please visit - http://www.newhavenbioregionalgroup.org/.

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