Thursday, December 20, 2012

New CT NOFA Intern, Quick Introduction

Hello CT NOFA fans and followers! My name is Katie Kabot and I have recently joined the CT NOFA team as an intern. I would like to take some time to quickly introduce myself.

I am from Stamford, CT and have recently graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Environmental Studies and Communications. During my time at the University of Connecticut I was involved with many environmental initiatives and community service projects. It was through these experiences that I learned about the environmental effects of industrial agriculture and developed a passion for creating local and organic food systems. This passion took me to Florence, Italy for my last semester where I completed a study abroad program centered around environmental sustainability and sustainable agriculture. After traveling to numerous organic and bio-dynamic farms and experiencing the Italian food culture I realized that I wanted to work towards creating this type of food system back at home.

After completing the study abroad program and graduating in December 2011, I joined AmeriCorps NCCC a team based national service program. Although I completed many community service projects during this time, there was one project in particular that helped to reinforce my passion for local and organic foods. For two months I worked in an area of Cedar Rapids, IA that had been devastated after a severe flood in 2008, taking abandoned house lots and turning them into vibrant urban farms. Seeing community members gain interest and excitement about the local food system being brought to their community showed me that such a transformation is possible.

I am excited to have this opportunity with CT NOFA and what I can bring to this position.

Happy Holidays!


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