Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jeffrey Smith talks about GMOs at the Capitol Building

Jeffrey Smith addresses concerned citizens, legislators and
the press on March 2 at the Capitol Building.
Jeffrey Smith was kind enough to speak at the Capitol Building on March 2 in support of Connecticut's proposed GMO labeling law, HB 5117.
The first portion of the program was a Press Conference where Jeffrey Smith explained the science of genetically engineered foods and why he, and so many other consumers, scientists and activists, are concerned about their potential threats to the food system and to human health.  Jeffrey Smith was hosted by Representative Richard Roy (D-Milford) who has been the leader in writing and introducing the GMO-labeling bill.  Even more exciting were the ten or so state representatives who joined Mr. Smith and Rep. Roy at the podium to discuss their support of the labeling bill.  The bill already has remarkable bipartisan support, because the "Right to Know" is simply a right! There is no debate or political agenda attached to consumers having the right to know precisely what is in the food they eat and feed their families.
Jeffrey Smith and Rep. Roy are joined by members of both
parties expressing their support for HB 5117.
The bill's supporters include Rep. Tony Hwang (R-Republican), Rep. Andy Maynard (D-Stonington), Rep. Diana Urban (D-Stonington-North Stonington), Kim Rose (D-Milford), T.R. Rowe (R-Trumbull), and several more (I was unable to write down all of their names!)
After the press conference, Rep. Roy and Mr. Smith answered audience questions about labeling, terminator seeds, cross-pollination and contamination, how the proposed bill extends to meat and dairy, and a number of other technical questions.
After the forum ended the audience discussed the issues over coffee while some of us bought Mr. Smith's books.  The audience included farmers, landscapers, activists and conservationists reflecting the same diversity in support of the bill as the representatives supporting the bill.  A few people noted that a couple biotech supporters, and even lobbyists were present for the talk.  Jeffrey Smith's compelling talk and question and answer session along with a fired-up audience might be making them a little nervous . . . .
Jeffrey Smith and Representative Roy answered audience questions for a
long period of time after the press conference.
After drinking coffee with all those GMO-labeling supporters, a number of the bill's early supporters, including CT NOFA Executive Director Bill Duesing, Pat Bigelow CT NOFA Board Member Janet Heller, and luckily, myself, had lunch (thanks to Analiese Paik with Fairfield Green Food Guide and Sallie Hersen who was instrumental in setting up the Press Conference at the capitol) with Jeffrey Smith and Representative Roy.  Mr. Smith discussed his transition into GMO activism, how he has managed to remain "un-squelched" and also his perspective on the Connecticut labeling bill.
Connecticut's long-time GMO-Labeling bill supporters join Jeffrey Smith
and Representative Roy for a healthy, delicious raw and organic lunch.
Show your support for the labeling bill by writing your Connecticut legislator! 

Here's to  healthy minds, bodies and senses of activism!

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