Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thinking Ahead to Fall and Winter Harvests

While you’re getting lots of fruits and veggies in your home garden now,  you should be planning ahead to extend your growing season into the fall! For fall and winter harvests, you can start to plant seeds in July and early August. 
This website from the Hudson Valley Seed Library recommends planting the following seeds this week:
Arugula, Beets, Bok Choy, Carrots, Chinese Cabbage, Lettuce, Mibuna/Mizuna, Mustard Greens, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi, Tendergreen, Turnips
Johnny’s Seeds website also has some helpful tools for you to plan your fall planting.  Check out the fall-planting calendar and seed-starting date calculator for advice on when to plant your seeds and when it is safe to do so.  For information on when to expect a frost in your area checkout this form.
Massaro Farm in Woodbridge, CT
Would you like some more information about fall and winter harvests? Think about CT NOFA’s On-Farm Workshop: Planning for the Fall and Winter Harvest next Monday, August 15 from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm.  Steve Munno, the Farm Manager of Massaro Community Farm in Woodbridge, CT will discuss what and when to plant in order to have a good fall and winter harvest.  Here is a brief description of the workshop: “We’ll sow seeds directly in the ground and prepare others for future transplanting.   We’ll also have a chance to work with low hoops and floating row cover, which you can use to protect your crops from frost and help extend your harvest season.”
Registration is $10 for CT NOFA members and $15 for non-members.  Attendance is limited, so please preregister by calling the office at (203) 888-5146, printing and mailing this form or using our online registration. 

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