Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  All of us in the CT NOFA office sat down for a Thanksgiving Potluck with local pumpkin pie, corn-bread with local peppers in it, local potato-leek soup, quinoa-stuffed squash rings, and some probably not-as-local-brownies.

What a feast! Hopefully if you eat turkey, you've already ordered and picked up your local turkey.  If you don't eat turkey, we know you won't starve. Hopefully you've already visited the New York Times Wells' Vegetarian Thanksgiving 2012 (even if you aren't a vegetarian, these recipes will make your mouth water).  Mark Bittman also writes about the Thanksgiving staple, the sweet potato, one of my personal favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Next week after days of eating, left-overs, and potentially some shopping (maybe skip Black Friday for Local Business Saturday!) you will receive CT NOFA's Annual Membership appeal, if you're already a member or are involved in some way with our programs.  As our 30th anniversary year is ending, we are so thankful for CT NOFA's first thirty years and for your support.  Donations and memberships enable CT NOFA's staff to make a real difference hosting a winter conference, farming conference, eight farm workshops, three gardening workshops, two organic land care accreditation courses, four advanced organic land care workshops, and an organic land care conference.  We are almost out of 2012-2013 CT NOFA Farm and Food Guides, which means that nearly 10,000 people in the state of Connecticut received a guide to how to buy food organically and sustainably this past year.

In the same way that you choose organic foods, and buy locally in order to invest in your community and environment, we ask that you consider becoming a member, or renewing your membership, to sustain the work of CT NOFA for another thirty years, and beyond!  Of course you can join or donate now, but keep your eye out for the appeal e-mail to read more about what we've accomplished this year, and what we've got planned for next year that can only happen with your support.

Have a Happy, Hearty, Delicious Thanksgiving!

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