Monday, July 2, 2012

Tractor Maintenance and Repair Workshop

We had a great workshop at Nonnewaug High School last week! Our instructors were David Blyn, owner of Riverbank Farm, a certified organic farm in Roxbury Connecticut, and Ed Belinsky, the Agricultural Mechanics Teacher at Nonnewaug High School.
First Ed and David went over basic points of tractor maintenance to take care of tractors and prevent the damages that require expensive repairs that will also take tractors out of commission.   Then workshop attendees went to Nonnewaug's shop to do a type of tractor scavenger hunt and identify the tractor parts that require maintenance using each of the three tractors' manuals.  

The workshop concluded with a discussion about choosing a used tractor - which is really a lot like buying a used car. Is there any obvious wear-and-tear? Are there records about the tractor's repair history? Has it been stored in our outdoors? After weighing these options, you might find it is better to buy a basic, but new tractor and avoid any some of the risks associated with buying an older, worn one.  

If you missed our workshop you might want to stay tuned for some of the adult education courses at Nonnewaug this fall! 


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