Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thanks to all who came to our Block Party!

CT NOFA had another lovely Block Party last Saturday at Hidden Brook Gardens in Ledyard, Connecticut.
Bill kicked off the Block Party with a welcome to the guests. He introduced Bill Sokol and Anita Kopchinski, the owners of Hidden Brook and second career farmers who only started six years ago.

The first destination of the tour was the Hiddne Garden's Greenhouse, which currently houses many many pepper plants.  

Anita explained some of their growing practices and efforts at using biodynamic growing principles.

Anita shows us the field behind their house, surrounded by a tall NRCS-funded deer fence.

Hidden Brook Gardens' dog, Collins, who was very happy to have so many visitors (and so much food to be dropped on the ground!)

The tour heads through the brussel sprouts.

Grape vines covered in an organic clay-based product that keeps pests away but allows light through for photosynthesis.  This can only be used on the parts of the plant that aren't consumed because it's difficult to scrub off.

This field is closer to the road and hosts more hot peppers, eggplants, and 400 tomato plants!

In 2009, Hidden Brook Gardens started working with Allyn Orchards, and are maintaining their orchard and have transitioned the orchard to organic in the past three years!

People who love farms and food make for great pot luck participants.  Attendees enjoy dinner over hay bales.

It was a great evening! We had guests of all ages, and the staff enjoyed meeting so many new people interested in organic farming! Thanks so much for coming!
If you've missed our first couple of Block Parties, don't worry, you have one more chance! Save the date for our Block Party in New Britain at Urban Oaks Farm on September 15, 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

A big thanks to Chabaso Bakery for bringing us lots of delicious olive oil bread sticks, to Steaz tea for our drinks, and to Bill Sokol and Anita Kopchinski for sharing their beautiful farm with us and a number of strangers.  On their website you are able to make appointments to visit their farm, and you might want to check it out! Look out for Hidden Brook Gardens at the Old Lyme and Milford Markets, or for their produce at the Oyster Club in Mystic, CT.


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