Monday, April 18, 2011

European Nitrogen Assessment

The European Nitrogen Assessment (ENA) recently concluded that farmers should be reducing their use of fertilizers.  ENA was developed (with the help of 200 experts from 21 countries and 89 organizations) from research by the European Science Foundation’s NinE (or Nitrogen in European) program.  The NinE program addresses the 9 interacting problems affecting excess nitrogen in the environment – check out the photo below and read up on this issue at

Dr. Mark Sutton, lead editor of the ENA, concluded: “Nearly half the world’s population depends on synthetic, nitrogen-based fertilizer for food but measures are needed to reduce the impacts of nitrogen pollution”.  The study reports nitrogen causes hundreds of billions of dollars of damage in Europe every year, or roughly $1,000 for each (yes, each!) person in Europe!
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            To find out more about the ENA and to read the assessment, visit

            Be sure to watch this short video – it helps explain the problem and provides some suggestions on how we can all reduce nitrogen pollution.

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