Tuesday, February 8, 2011


YourGardenShow.com is a wonderful site of garden enthusiasts – young and old!  This free site is an online platform bringing all kinds of gardeners together to share resources, how-to tips, and other helpful information.  The site is broken down into 5 sections: Gardens, Plants, Greenhouse, Blog and Citizen Science.  They even have an extensive list of plant species includes instructions on caring for, general information, and photos!
Another neat feature is the ability to set up a “Glog” or garden blog.  Here you can keep track of your garden, get expert advice, share tips with others, and show off your garden!
Now’s the time to set this up so you’ll be ready to go come spring!  If you start a Glog be sure to let us know!
Happy Gardening!


  1. For some reason I'm always a little suspicious of these sudden comprehensive garden websites. Probably because many of them end up being funded by the chem companies (although this one doesn't appear to be). What do we know about them, aside from their website?

  2. Hi - this is Kristen from YourGardenShow.com....a little late in responding but I just came across this posting today. I can assure you that we have nothing to do with chem companies. We are huge supporters of heirlooms and those who fight the good fight against GMOs. Also, we believe in spreading the word concerning independent garden centers (they deserve our support as they compete with the Big Boxes). Besides providing a social network platform to capture personal gardening legacy to share with others, we are very passionate about Citizen Science. I hope that you'll give us a look and see for yourself: www.YourGardenShow.com. Happy gardening!