Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Workshop List for CT NOFA's Winter Conference, Part 4

CT NOFA's Winter Conference is only one month away! Join us for this day-long event on Saturday, March 5th, including a multitude of informative workshops, wonderful vendors and exhibitors, and a delicious potluck lunch!  Now's the time to register - be sure to do so now while you can get the lowest price! You can do so here.  For more info, please visit
Here is the ever-growing list of workshops!
John Bartok - Building High Tunnels - Selection, Construction and Operation
Size, shape and covering are key factors when building a high tunnel.  Proper placement, orientation and drainage can increase its effectiveness.  Ventilation and supplemental heat can provide additional season extension.  This session will help you learn how to build a better tunnel.
Cooperative Extension System, Agricultural Engineer providing technical support and educational programs to the greenhouse and nursery industry for over 35 years. *Author of over 500 technical papers, bulletins and magazine articles. *Co-author with Robert Aldrich of the book “Greenhouse Engineering” *Author of the revised book “Energy Conservation for Commercial Greenhouses” *Consultant of greenhouse and nursery design, energy conservation, environment control an mechanization to universities, schools, manufactures and commercial businesses.

Paul Bucciaglia - Maintaining Soil Health on Organic Farms and Gardens
We’ll discuss soil management practices that promote healthy soils and crops.  Topics will include cover crops, tillage, and mulching with emphasis on maintaining optimum soil water, air, and organic matter.
Bryan O’Hara farms at Tobacco Road Farm in Lebanon, CT.  He has 20 years experience growing vegetable crops for farmers markets and wholesale accounts.  Paul Bucciaglia farms at Fort Hill Farm in New Milford, CT.  He produces over 40 organically grown crops for CSA shareholders and farmers markets.

Robert Burns - Winter Farming with Seeds: For Ultimate Nutrition
Will demonstrate detailing our winter growing of shoots, and sprouting seedlings, for home and commercial use in urban environments.
Robert is a fifth generation farmer whose roots ripped away from large farms were replaced and reborn in a small farm GROW BIOINTENSIVE techniques Taught to him 20 years ago by John Jeavons. Aiki Farms is a “break even” farm which follows the motto   TAKE WHAT YOU NEED.

Jessica Cartagena - Cultivating Connections: Engaging Youth into the Food System
This workshop will explore lessons learned by FRESH New London about engaging youth from 14-19 in the food system through their community and shine some light on our experience it the class room with youth 3-13.  Hear real experience straight from the youth about their hands-on learning out on the farm & green house to food system literacy trainings and selling organic vegetables. FRESH will share different strategies and programs for connecting & empowering youth with issues and experiences of food, community and agriculture. 
After her mother moved from their native country of Puerto Rico Jessica Cartagena was born in the Bronx, New York in 1990 has four sisters. Her family moved to New London, CT in 1995. She spent a great deal of her childhood exploring her back yard, cheerleading, playing clarinet, & singing. At the age of 16 She was introduced to FRESH New London’s Youth Employment opportunity at the end of her Freshmen year. Gradually her position at FRESH grew along with her passion in Food Systems. In 2010, Jessica graduated from Public Allies Connecticut(PACT) were she received ample of experience in leadership trainings, community organizing, and much more. Now in her 5th year working at FRESH as FRESH Voices Coordinator. She has taken the next step in her life to further educate herself & is attending Three Rivers Community College. Jessica currently 21 is continuing to find ways make change in her community, family & life with the help of FRESH staff, FRESH youth, & volunteers that add fuel to her passion stronger to further educate others.

Andrew D'Appollonio - Small Acre Wheat Growing
Workshop topics will include land acquisition and preparation; basic equipment used; planting, weed control, harvesting, seed cleaning, drying and processing.  Presenter will also address regional wheat growing efforts and the future of wheat growing in Connecticut.
Andy D’Appollonio of Coventry, CT cannot remember a time that he did not want to farm.  Life, however, took him in a different direction.  He became a firefighter/paramedic, raised a family, joined CT NOFA, and began preparing for farming full time at retirement.  Since retirement he has experimented with a number of crops, including hot house raspberries, strawberries, vegetables and most recently, wheat.

Robert Durgy - 1.  The 10 Least Wanted Vegetables Pests  and What to Do About Them. 2.  Deer Fencing for Large and Small Farms
1. Common vegetable insects will be discussed.  We will concentrate on identification, lifecycle and, most importantly, organic control methods.
2. Deer fence types and accessories will be discussed.  Experiences of farmers and others are drawn upon to give someone considering fencing knowledge to make the right choice.
Robert Durgy has been the Farm Manager for the CT Agricultural Experiment Station at the Griswold Research Center in Griswold, CT since 2008.  Prior, Rob worked for 12 years for the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System.

Michael Keilty - Producing Local Natural Meat for Consumers a Tri-State (CT,MA,RI) SARE PDP (Professional Development) program
Present the result of an ongoing tri-state strategic planning teams work to review production, processing and marketing of local natural meat. Present humane (Temple Grandin) teaching principals, perennial grass based meat production, tri-state meat producer survey, and processing infrastructure update.
Michael T. Keilty is the owner of Maple Spring Farms located on Morris Ct, since 1974 specializing in diversified livestock and plant production. He is currently a Sustainable Agriculture and Foods Educator College of Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Connecticut.

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