Monday, January 10, 2011

Workshop List for CT NOFA's 2011 Winter Conference, Part 1

CT NOFA's 2011 Winter Conference will be held on Saturday, March 5, 2011 in Manchester, CT.  Join us in the celebration of local organic farming, gardening, landscaping and sustainable lifestyles!  The list of workshops are coming in...keep reading to find some interesting topics! We will continue to update this list in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

1. Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis - "Growing Nuts in CT"
 Dr. Anagnostakis will discuss several kinds of edible nuts that can be grown in Connecticut, how they can provide an interesting hobby, and a little something extra for the table.  The discussion will also include species needs, growing conditions, care, and harvest, along with  some cookbook recommendations.
Sandra Anagnostakis has worked at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station since 1966.  She is a member and past president of the Northern Nut Grower’s Association, Inc., judges the nut exhibit at the Pennsylvania Farm Show each January, and does research on butternut and chestnut trees for the state of CT.  She is also the International Registrar for cultivars of chestnut.
2.  Jeffrey S. Ward, Ph.D. - "Crop Tree Management in Farm Woodlots"
Crop tree release is a management tool to simultaneously manipulate stand composition and concentrate growth on individual stems of high value species. It is a versatile technique that also provides income and firewood while retaining aesthetic forest stands. This workshop will provide a how-to guide bolstered with research results.
Jeff Ward received his BS and MSat Ohio State, and after the Peace Corps (Guatemala), his PhDat Purdue. He has been at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station since 1987. His research has focused on natural area dynamics, alternative forest management practices, controlling invasive shrubs, and reducing deer damage.
3.  Keith Zaltzberg - Ecological Farming and Gardening at the Water's Edge
Come explore practical, perennial solutions for ecologically-sound farming and gardening at or near the water’s edge. We will discuss economically-productive systems that prevent erosion and water pollution, build soil, create wildlife habitat, while yielding useful materials. Discussion will include low-input perennial food production, coppice establishment and management, biochar and biofuel production.
Keith is an ecological landscape designer with the Regenerative Design Group where he uses his experience in organic farming, permaculture design and education to create beautiful and productive landscapes.  He homesteads on 12-acres of a wet, rocky hillside in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
4. Winter Caplanson - Million Dollar Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
Want to promote your farm or market effectively but don't have a big marketing budget? You can use incredibly simple but powerful marketing strategies to build your business at low cost or no cost! Step-by-step, learn how permission marketing, social networking, PR, and targeted direct mail can boost your profits.
Winter leads the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market’s marketing and media relations efforts.   The CRFM is Connecticut’s largest market, drawing 75,000 visitors each year. Winter developed their popular Friends of the Market and Business Partnership programs which generate nearly $10,000 annually and were featured last year in the New York Times.
5.  C. Marina Marchese - Beekeeping Basics
Did you know honeybees are responsible for pollinating over 100 different fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds? including coffee, chocolate and blue jeans! This workshop is an overview of the amazing honeybees and beekeeping from life inside the beehive to harvesting honey. How beekeeping is a sustainable agricultural practice that is an important part of the future of our planet. Q&A, book signing to follow.
C. Marina Marchese is the founder and owner of Red Bee Honey and the author of Honeybee: Lesson from an Accidental Beekeeper. President of the Back Yard Beekeepers in CT.

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