Friday, April 14, 2017

Organic Matters Campaign @ New Morning Market

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at New Morning Market 
to benefit the Northeast Farming Association of CT (CT NOFA)

For the month of April, New Morning Market in Woodbury is bringing awareness to the health and environment benefits of organic foods and agriculture through its "Organic Matters" campaign to support the work of the Northeast Farming Association of CT (more commonly known as CT NOFA). Donations will be taken at checkout registers all month with organic facts posted throughout the store and an information table stocked with organic literature provided by CT NOFA.
According to New Morning Market's owner John Pittari who has built one of the largest organic produce departments among independent grocery stores in the nation, "I've been a Board member of CT NOFA for years and am very excited to see their growth and how the organization is making a difference for the organic movement in Connecticut. New Morning Market is thrilled to support CT NOFA through an awareness and donation drive throughout the month of April.
CT NOFA welcomes new members to help support their mission to ensure the growth and viability of organic agriculture, organic food, and organic land care.  Their growing membership is comprised of organic enthusiasts, consumers, supporting businesses, land care professionals and farmers around the State who support organic practices and believe in creating an organic Connecticut. In the past year, CT NOFA has been a vocal advocate in helping to pass Connecticut's Pollinator Bill limiting the use of pesticides to protect pollinator insects and wildlife. Farm members are either certified organic or elect to sign CT NOFA's Farmer's Pledge as a commitment to farming and farm management in accordance with sound ecological and economic  principles. CT NOFA is also the only organization in the nation to offer an organic land care professional certification through its Organic Land Care Professional program.
For more information about organics, CT NOFA and membership, please visit

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