Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nature's Medicine

The winter nose drip getting you down?  
Has persistent coughing or a sore throat been making you agitated? 

Leigh White is to the rescue, presenting her workshop Kitchen as Medicine Cabinet: Using Food for Acute Illnesses at the 32nd Annual Winter Conference on March 1st. Acknowledging the incredibly innate healing power of nature and how individuals can help restore their bodies to a state of homeostasis through this power is White's speciality. There are an influx of herbs, roots and flowers growing in our very own backyards that can make us feel balance within our bodies again! If you are interested in learning how to utilize those seemingly mundane ingredients in your kitchen for medicinal value, this workshop is for you!

Dr. Leigh White
The healing power of nature, one of naturopathic medicine's guiding principles, refers to not only the body's ability to heal itself, but also earth's ability to provide resources to guide that healing.  Discussion of everyday healing foods (garlic, ginger, etc) for stimulating recovery from acute illnesses (sore throat, indigestion, etc) will be the main focus of this workshop.

Dr. Leigh White began as a Food Scientist, but was quickly disheartened by the food industry.  She then studied to become a naturopathic doctor and founded Natural Family Health in order to educate and assist all people with natural healing processes. Her family practice focuses on individualized nutrition and homeopathy. 

Come down to our 32nd Annual Winter Conference on March 1st at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT to sit in on these incredible workshops!  Visit our Winter Conference page for more information on list of workshops and registration.  Registration closes February 24th!!
  Walk in's are welcome the day of! 
 Pre-register today HERE for speedy check in day of!

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