Thursday, May 23, 2013

CT NOFA is Hiring!

You get to go to fun events! And spend time outdoors!
CT NOFA is in search of two new employees! We're looking for a Program and Event Manager and a Marketing, Design and Fundraising Manager.

CT NOFA staff take food very seriously.
These are both full time positions. The Marketing, Design, and Fundraising Manager will help expand the organization's fundraising capabilities using effective marketing, graphic design, and direct networking with potential and existing donors.  View the job description here! The Program and Event Manager plans and promotes events in accordance with grant requirements, and then records and reports these grant activities.  View the job description here! Interested in applying? Send your cover letter and resume to Deb Legge at before June 10!

It's going to be in the 40s over Memorial Day Weekend,
at this rate you can use these jackets all summer!
If you like what we do, you might be interested in becoming involved! Melissa and I will be leaving in mid-summer - which also means this blog will need some new writers! Even if you aren't interested in working with CT NOFA, let us know if you'd like to blog.  You can write about anything that relates to sustainable food! We were thinking it might be fun to have a garden blogger, a food blogger, a shopping blogger, etc.  You can write about the experience of going to the farmers market, or interesting things you've observed in your garden, or the delicious local squash ravioli you made, or the disastrous kale smoothie you couldn't convince anyone to drink.  

If you've thought about becoming involved with CT NOFA before - now is the time! We also are still in our Spring Appeal - which means any donation of $100 or more enters you in a raffle to win one of these beautiful jackets donated by Patagonia Westport! You can donate to the Spring Appeal here!  

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