Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Conference Updates!

We have some exciting updates about CT NOFA's 2012 Annual Winter Conference!
Trainwreck Jerry
  • Did you know CT NOFA is 30 years old? And that this is our thirtieth Winter Conference? We look at the conference as a bit of a celebration of our 30 years supporting sustainable food and farming. But what better way to celebrate our past than to discuss the future of food?
  • The labeling of genetically modified ingredients is becoming a big debate in Connecticut.  There is draft legislation expected to be introduced in the Connecticut House of Representatives this spring advocating the right of consumers to know exactly what's in their food - including genetically modified ingredients. Learn more about this issue with our keynote Jeffrey M. Smith, world renowned speaker on genetically modified foods in our food system and with Dan Ravicher (pictured in the post below addressing protesters) the attorney representing organic seed producers and farmers in our lawsuit against Monsanto.
  • Did we mention that John Turenne, a board member, one of our favorite chefs and founder of Sustainable Food Systems will be orchestrating the Winter Conference pot luck?  We're not sure if it's the largest pot luck in the state, but we bet it's in the top 3.  And when you bring together hundred of people who love farms and food and tell them all to bring their favorite dish - we are talking about an amazing potluck here.
  • What kind of celebration doesn't include music? Trainwreck Jerry will be joining us to provide some musical entertainment.  Watch a youtube of one of his performances.
Check out the official Winter Conference page!
Register today!
If you are a beginning farmer (have less than ten years of farming experience - but are serious about making farming your livelihood) you can apply for a scholarship to the Winter Conference to cover your admission fee! Apply for the scholarship here.


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