Thursday, December 22, 2011

Turning Away from Corporate America Toward Farming

Courtesy of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
There's been a lot of buzz lately about young people becoming increasingly interested in farming and specifically in organic production.  Back on the 12th, NPR ran an article on it's food blog, The Salt, about a push among young people to abandon corporate life in favor of a more agrarian alternative.  Disillusioned with stifling corporate values, and in response to an economy where the daily grind is less likely to yield positive results, thousands of people are returning to the land.  Another recent article by MSNBC points out that, although farming is inherently risky and expensive getting started, agriculture has fared better than many other parts of the economy during the recession.  Many young people see farming as a calculated risk; one that has a greater likelihood than an office job of working out to their advantage, whether the gains lay in profits or in emotional well-being.  With more than 60% of current farmers over the age of 55, we need a new generation of young farmers to prevent reliance on an ever-decreasing number of producers.

If you are getting started as an organic farmer and need some help tackling big challenges like land access and marketing, register for our Getting Started in Organic Farming Conference to be held Saturday, January 28, 2012 at the CT Forest and Park Association in Rockfall, CT.  Don't miss this opportunity to network with other new farmers and learn from the experts about how to be successful.  You can learn more and register here.  If you've been farming for less than 10 years you may qualify for a scholarship: find out here.

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