Monday, September 12, 2011

Right to Know - Demand for GMO Product Labeling

Leading up to the Right 2 Know March this October, there has been an increasing demand for GMO labeling.  These demonstrations are not even calling for a GMO ban, simply a GMO label so that consumers can vote with their dollar.  This document explains the logic behind requiring GMOs to be labeled:
 Sara Snow is one of many high profile R2K speakers
This explains the argument against labeling, which is, to put it in simple terms, that 
The Organic Consumers Association provides the opportunity to find a group in your area which is organizing to demand GMO labeling.  You can send an e-mail to your state legislator demanding state action on the issue, I already sent mine in!
You can also contact President Obama about your desire for national policy demanding for labeling by clicking this link.
The Millions Against Monsanto group is also heading up some labeling compaigns including this one where you can label GMO products yourself
Think about joining the Right2Know March coming up in October. A 313 mile march from the UN to the Whitehouse, this demonstration demands that genetically engineered foods are labeled as they already are in Europe and Japan.  The route is also a prime leaf peeping route if that entices you at all . . .
You can walk the entire 313 miles or only 1 mile.  There will be a large rally at the UN in New York City to kick off the march. 
No matter what you do, if you care about full disclosure about the ingredients of your food (think about if we still did not have calories, or transfat, or whether something was kosher or not on food labels), this is an issue you must take action on.  Consumer's fear of GMO foods is consider "irrational" by GMO proponents, and that is probably because for many people it is an instinctive rejection of consuming something completely unnatural and untested for long-term health threats.  This is a good enough reason to demand labelling, but for many of us this is also a conscious, educated concern about the impact that corporate control of our food system will have on our world food supply and on our future. 

I don't know about you, but when it comes to choosing the food I eat every day for nourishment which plays a central role in my nutrition now, my health in the future and even determines my life expectancy, I would prefer to err on the side of caution. 

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