Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just a quick hello and introduction


My name is Kristiane Huber and I’m CT NOFA’s new Event, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator.   I am from Southbury, CT and just graduated from Connecticut College in New London with a double major in Environmental Studies and Government.  My main academic focus was international environmental justice issues.  In my junior and senior year, I researched climate migration and climate change’s threat to indigenous culture. Last summer I was a research intern for an indigenous rights advocacy organization, Tribal Link Foundation in New York, New York which sent me on a research trip to Tuvalu, the nation that is the most vulnerable to climate change in the world.   

While I have been very interested in international environmental justice, I became involved in the sustainable food movement because inequitable food access is a clear local environmental injustice.  Also, having lived in Connecticut for my whole life, I love Connecticut farms for their role in our landscape and I love locally grown produce.  This passion for food, farms and the environment moved me to become Co-Chair of Sprout, ConnColl’s organic garden club and sustainable food initiative and to intern with CitySeed New Haven in 2009.

I am really happy to be a new member of the CT NOFA team, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to with the organization and continue to learn!

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