Thursday, September 23, 2010

EcoTulips Fundraiser

Now’s the Time to Buy and Plant Your Tulips for Next Year!

Between 09/23/10 – 10/15/10, the Connecticut Northeast Organic Farming Association will be holding a fundraiser through

Why should you buy your tulips through “”?

·        They are the only American source of organic, pesticide-free tulip bulbs.
·        You can choose from over 15 varieties of tulips, along with other organic flower bulbs.
·        And the best part…40% of the proceeds go directly to

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Pick out your organic bulbs.
Step 3: When entering the Shopping Cart, make sure to enter the  Coupon Code “CT NOFA” on the right hand of the screen.
Step 4: Double check your order. Under your subtotal you should see “Coupon (CT NOFA) -$0.01”.
Step 5: Proceed to checkout and wait for your bulbs to be shipped.
Step 6: Smile knowing that you are planting organic, pesticide-free bulbs and helping out CT NOFA!

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